GUYS. I found a gluten-free bread that’s delicious! Schär. It’s in this bright yellow package and thy make all sorts of amazing GF things, but their white bread is where it’s at.

The loaf is small, with about 14 slices, and typically runs about $6.50/loaf, which makes me sick to my stomach, but it is great. They have baguettes and buns and breadcrumbs and English muffins. I went with the white bread.

So for lunch I had breakfast. I had Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free cream of “wheat”. It’s actually cream of rice, and if you’ve ever cooked minute rice, you’ve had this cream of rice. It smelled just like rice, looked just like rice. It was basically a super short grain. After adding some almond milk, vegan butter and like 7 Equal packets, I was fooled. Next time I think I’d add a bit more salt than what than what the package called for. It was a bit flat. I popped two slices of my bread in the toaster and slabbed some butter on it. First bite, I didn’t think it tasted like toast. It had the consistency and bite of ciabatta bread, which happens to be one of my faves. It was mildly salty and got delightfully crunchy without being tough.


I got some Tofutti American cheese slices and can’t wait to have me a grilled cheese with a bowl of chili on this wonderful fall evening.

Buy the bread!!

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