Fact: I lovepizza.

Pizza hasn’t been as fun since I went dairy-free 2 years ago, but I typically pop a couple Lactaids and jump in. Since my gluten-free days, pizza seems to have been a thing of the past. Unless I want to spend hours making a pizza from scratch.

Fact: I don’t love pizza that much.

I’m all for trying new GF recipes, but sometimes I don’t feel like scouring grocery aisles for that one item Pinterest says I’ll need, but never use again. Plus, my kitchen gets hot when the oven is on.

Anyhow, in the past five days, I’ve tried two separate restaurant gluten-free pizzas!

Up first: PizzaFire

Even pre-GF I was all about PizzaFire because of their vegan cheese option.

SO, I ambled up to the counter (the place was packed at 12:30 on a weekday) and asked for the gluten-free crust. The kind pizza maker first asked if I needed a glove change. How sweet! The GF crusts are even premade in little foil pans so they don’t have to touch the gluten-splattered pizza things (those giant wooden spatulas, I can’t remember what they’re called). It’s awesome that they take great care to be as gluten free as possible. However, I do not have Celiac’s or a gluten intolerance, it’s a voluntary thing, so I said I was good. PizzaFire has a million options for toppings, and I have different tastes than my family so pile on the roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes!!

After waiting a speedy four minutes, a different kind pizza maker hand delivered my GF pizza with a smile and an offer to bring me napkins.

At first sight, I noticed it didn’t look as good as my mom’s. It wasn’t burnt and bubbly looking around the edges, which is my favorite part. I took a deep breath and grabbed a, still greasy!, slice and dug in. It wasn’t half bad! I could tell it wasn’t quite a pizza crust, but it was still pretty tasty. As it sat longer and the spicy sauce soaked in, it was even better. I couldn’t finish my pizza, but I heated it back up in the oven and it was 100x better. I wish PizzaFire would leave my pizza in just a little longer!

3.5/5 crust stars

Next up: Pizza Hut

They built a Pizza Hut right down the road from my house and it’s basically been our Sunday evening meal 3 of 4 Sundays. I never knew they had GF crusts until about two weeks ago. Hooray!

Downside, only smalls and only marinara. That leads me to believe their other sauces contain gluten 😩😩 I love pizza but I adore pizza heated up in the oven the next day. I had a 30% off coup so I went big and ordered two toppings, wild I know. The crust is made by Udi’s and came in it’s own special Udi’s box! I’m new to GF life, but I presume Udi’s is the GF brand, and I myself have tortillas and bagels in my freezer right now.

Upon unveiling (it’s a big deal), this pizza looked crispy and delicious! This pizza had a little more “crust” to it, something I could easily hold on to. It was a little smaller than the PizzaFire pizza, about the size of a typical tortilla, but the crust is a-mazing. Definitely better than the PizzaFire crust.

4.5/5 crust stars

The Pizza Hut crust was better, but the limited options and pricey toppings throws me off. I’m probably more likely to eat GF at PizzaFire than Pizza Hut, but I enjoyed both!

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