If you don’t have an Aldi near you, I am so sorry.

I live and breathe for Aldi. They have so many cool finds there! My Aldi, because I swear all of them are different, just started carrying a ton of cool Indian options! I found an 80z bag of Jasmine rice for $4.89, as well as premade Indian sauces, like curry.

On top of having great prices, Aldi also has a great selection of gluten-free items! Today, I got spaghetti and rigatoni, crackers, granola, “nutrition-grain” bars, chili lime chips, wraps, all-purpose mix–think GF Bisquick–, and a two styles of pretzels! Their brand is called LiveGFree and it comes in adorable blue packages, most completely gluten and nut free, some also dairy free. Awesome, right?!

Aldi also has a variety of GF chips, including sweet potato, which definitely went in my cart. I also got some pretty cheap quinoa, even though I’ve yet to find a way I like to eat it. Gotta keep trying though.

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