Hi everyone! My name is Marisa and I’m starting a gluten-free diet because I have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed at 23, young by most doctor’s standards. I tried several prescriptions and had some nasty side affects like chronic insomnia, vertigo, ridiculous amounts of sweating and overall grouchiness. After two years of trying new medicines, I have decided to go the natural route, and after reading so many different articles on fibro, the consensus was gluten-free. And hat terrified me, because I love bread. Like, love bread. I want to live inside a Panera, I have wet dreams about the homemade bread my grandma made when I was little, I am best friends with the folks at my local bread oven. Love bread. But once I started researching GF diets I realized gluten is everywhere. I always laughed when I looked at a ketchup bottle and it said gluten free in blocky letters, like, duh. It’s just tomatoes. Now I find myself trying to casually read nutrition labels or do a quick internet search to make sure I’m staying GF. Did you know some chicken broths had gluten? Because I didn’t. Why would I think that? And pepperoni? Or lunchmeat in general? And the best part of every snack mix, the rye chips??I was overwhelmed. Now, I don’t have celiac’s disease or gluten-intolerance (thank the Lord), but I was trying to avoid as much gluten as possible. And it sucks.I truly am lactose-intolerant, so now when I head out to eat I have even more limited options! Before it was avoid cheese and ranch dressing (way harder than it should have been). Now I’m like “I’ll have a salad, no cheese, no croutons” because it’s exhausting, and, I’m not gonna lie, a bit embarrassing to have to customize every meal I order so I’m not pooping my guts out later on. Once you’re off gluten, a little gluten tears. you. up. It’s not pretty. So I sat down at my kitchen table and opened up my handy dandy helper, Pinterest, put my big girl panties on and ate my last slice of French bread.

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